Dear ALL,

Aysaak was a start-up that emerged in the late months of 2015 (September), originally accommodating three members, myself, Ayush Roy and Akshat Jain. Over the last few weeks, the board, now containing myself and five other members (names currently classified) have had to execute and take major decisions that have been mentally and emotionally stressful. As one of the remaining founders, the board has unanimously given me the responsibility to deliver this open letter, declassifying major communication.

I am, unfortunately, running short of time. Therefore, I believe instead of the usual “waffle”, I would much rather get to the point by releasing the following emails. These will – effectually – communicate the intensity and strain that and its directors have gone through over the last few weeks. It can convincingly be called a scandal, but most importantly, it is a humiliating and embarrassing fact that these setbacks have been caused by none other than a founder member of, Akshat Jain.


The following email conversations will evidently elucidate.


On the 6th of March,’s Director of Marketing – while in an extremely stressful atmosphere –  sent an email to Akshat Jain’s father, requesting immediate aid. The intensity of the situation explains the grammatical mistakes found in the email. It is important to consider that this action took place after being avoided for a few weeks. During which period of time, Akshat Jain’s violations had persisted. I had stepped down as CEO just a few hours before this email was sent out. ______, therefore, was next in command and acting CEO.


From: _______
Sent: Sunday, March 6, 2016 11:06 PM
To: Umang Jain
Subject: Re:


On Mar 2, 2016 9:12 PM, “U” <Undisclosed Participant> wrote:

Dear Uncle,
My name is ______. I’m one of the writers at aysaak. Contacting you for a slight request. :) When Akshat felt like it a few days ago, he kicked all of the writers and even Sambhav out of the magazine. He actually deleted all out articles and said he would use them for his own magazine. Somehow we’ve obviously got our website back but with only a few articles since most of the ones we wrote got deleted and the few that akshat wrote he blackmailed sambhav to take them down.  But articles we can write again that is not a problem. uncle when Akshat left he took all our social network access. he changed the password of our twitter account (@theaysaak) and then he also took our fb page that belonged to aysaak. he has changed the name to magnit x which belongs to sambhav actually. sambhav’s design and technology product for his school is called MagnitX and he was also planning to use the name for a company he has even printed business cards but anyway the thing is akshat has taken the page from us and is using the name magnit x and also the logo for it was also made by sambhav which he has stolen. He’s been doing all wrong things one after the other. I have attached some screenshots also please have a look they explain some stuff. My request is that please ask Akshat to return the page which belongs to aysaak. uncle i am sure you must understand when ones leaves a company (or forcefully closes it down without partner’s permission in this case) people resign they dont take the chair, table, fan, lamp, computer, printer of the company right? then if akshat wants to not work in aysaak he should have firstly not deleted the website because our hard work was also involved and got  lost secondly he should not have taken the page and twitter from us which is our identity. hope you understand.
Also I answered one of his questions about this he didnt like the answer and actually hacked into my ask through fb and deleted it.


To which Akshat Jain’s father, Umang Jain, replied:


Fwd: RE:

Inbox x

<Undisclosed Participant> <email id>

Mar 9
to me

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “Umang Jain” <>
Date: Mar 7, 2016 2:49 PM
Subject: RE:
To: “Tushitaa Das” <>
Cc: “Akshat Jain” <>

Hello ______


Thanks for writing to me.


I have gone through your mail and the attachment. The language and the use of F** word really saddens me.  I am not sure what would happen to your generation when a 12 year old kid starts using such words.  And worst of all, the kid does not feel ashamed or hesitant sharing it with an elder. I may be old school, but I condemn such behavior and language.


Secondly, I believe today’s education (at least at Bluebells) improves the writing skills, especially when you are an aspirant in the field of writing.


I took time to respond to your mail as I wanted to collect the facts first. I understand that you are kids, whose efforts I appreciate, but know that there are certain misconceptions that you people have adapted. It is evident through your mail. I feel obliged and it is my duty as a parent to guide you and present the scenario in the simplest form


Please note the below as I could understand through your mail and attachments, the document that Akshat possess and as per my conversation with Sukant (Sambhav’s father)


  • Aysaak was an initiative originally in Sept 2015 of Akshat, Ayush, and Sambhav, though it had some hurdles in between and got hibernated.  However in January this year, Akshat and Sambhav have restarted with equal partnership / equity
  • You are an author / writer, who is submitting articles to Ayasak for publishing online.  While doing this, you are giving rights to the publisher ( in this case) to decide, if they publish on Aysaak, re-publish udder any other banner and/or on other media, may decide not to publish, or publish first and withdraw
  • As an author (like an contractual employee / vendor / freelancer), it is your prerogative not write for Aysaak or get yourself disassociated.  However, you do not have nor can make any claim on assets (lie chairs, tables, fans…) or any other property those belong to the joint venture of Akshat and Sambhav


Further on MagnitX,

o   This is a name that Akshat and Sambhav had conceived for their joint initiative.  In fact, Akshat wanted me tp pay for this domain in January, when he was discussing with Sambhav to restart Aysaak.

o   I had asked him to focus on his exams first and had deferred paying for it till March

o   Thanks for telling me that Sambhav had deceived Akshat in going at the back by booked the domain name and have been using it for his own means.

o   I shall definitely ask Akshat to be aware of such back stabbing – a read for Akshat


About Social Media

v  For your information, I helped Akshat in making his various Social Media profiles, using my credentials a couple of years ago, since he was below 12 years at that time

v  He started using Social Media Marketing (SMM) through a tool called EaseSocial that my company GlocalEdge Inc has developed and is marketing globally.

v  His first SMM project, during summer vacation of 2014, was for Gizmo Tech, which was collection of information of upcoming gadgets and trends

v  In September 2015, Akshat had asked me if he can use EaseSocial for Aysaak as well. This I had refused and advised him to focus on Gizmo Tech. Thus he did not use EaseSocial to do SMM for Aysaak.

v  However, he decided to rename all his FB, Twitter, and other Social Media presence, which he had created for Gizmo) to Aysaak.

v  Since Akshat owes these Social Media efforts (individually) and Aysaak (jointly), I am not sure in what capacity you are putting all these allegations and making claims against him


My advise to you is to disassociate yourself from Aysaak, Akshat, Sambhav, and these commotions. You are a kid who needs to brush your writing skills which I could judge reading your mail.  This is important for you if you are planning to be an author / writer as a hobby or as a full time career.


May I suggest if you can connect me to one of your parents, so that I can share my reading and recommendations with them.


In case, you feel that any of the facts gathered (or my understanding to it as narrated above) are incorrect, please feel free to write to me.


I am also marking a copy to Akshat, so that he may understand what is happening at his back


Wishing you luck for your exams and career


Umang Jain


Sent from Mail for Windows 10



The Aysaak Board was baffled. On the same day, a conference took place.  Board members were present. In conclusion, a reply had to be formulated. I had been asked to step back up as CEO and take over the dialogue. A few hours later, my reply followed: 



Sambhav Ratnakar <>

Mar 12 (11 days ago)
to umang.jainAyushbestcocplayer1.aamirmessi9dastarushlegaltech.asso.karim.ghaddar03manak, Tushitaa,

Dear Mr. Jain,

I’d start by introducing, but I believe Akshat’s given you an intricate and exhaustive description of myself. I will, therefore, proceed to address the quintessence of this email. For your enlightenment, I will – with _____’s approbation – be proceeding with this tête-à-tête. I must say, Mr Jain, it is a pleasure to speak directly to you. I am deeply obliged.

I’ve gone through your enthralling email. I found it to be very amusing, and I can assure you, Mr Jain, by the end of this email, you’d think of this piece of writing in a similar way.

Let us begin.

Your inveterate censure and criticism towards the use of the locution, “fuck” is appreciable. I must apologise on behalf of Tushita if this argot has put you in distress and disturbed you as an individual. I will take the liberty to denote that you – as an individual – are not fond of such swear words and “condemn” their application. It is a despairing and disconsolate fact that you have failed as a parent to pass down similar characteristics, values and integrity of such high grade to your son, Akshat. Please refer to Appendix 1 attached which – I firmly believe – speaks for itself. Taking into consideration your coherent obloquy towards profanity, I have tried my bona fide best to sugar-coat the scoop by employing some fancy borders.

Furthermore, comprehending the critical observation on the quality of the English utilised and the direct correlation made towards it and “today’s education”, I can think of no other reason for its existence other than to fulfil the nonessential requirement of a digression from the subject of matter being discussed. Such cheap tactics, Mr Jain, cannot be expected from a man of your calibre.

Before I proceed any further, I must first clarify your misconception and correct the rather sophomoric misuse of the word, “fact”. According to the Cambridge English Dictionary – of which I have a copy – a “fact” is “something that is known to have happened or to existespecially something for which proof exists, or about which there is information”. As a parent who considers it their “duty” to “guide”, you must first comprehend the fact that the argument you have put forward is rebelliously one sided and consists of inexcusable and groundless false statements which – evidently – have been fabricated by your son, Akshat and his confederate, you, exclusively to swindle. This forces me to contemplate if I am dealing with two kids – one of which appears to be stuck in the body of a fifty-year-old.

The copyright licence employed by works under the principles of Attribution + NoDerivatives  (Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License). After an article is submitted by a writer, the copyright licence gives exclusive rights to to “copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format for any purpose, even commercially”. It is important to regard that the rights to perform any such action remain with and not the entity’s shareholders/stakeholders/employees. Therefore, legally, your son, Akshat Jain and/or, do not obtain the rights to publish these articles. Over and above that, the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License also asserts that one who has received the rights ( has not) must impart “appropriate credit, and indicate if changes were made“. None of which and/or your son, Akshat Jain has attained to. On the contrary, all plagiarised articles and text have been accredited to Akshat Jain. Please refer to Appendix 2. As a parent, in this matter, the provision of your support for your son, Akshat Jain, generates nothing but critical opprobrium and notoriety and displays either a lack of knowledge or a deliberate desire to assist Akshat Jain in illicitly pilfering intellectual property.

You have stated in paragraph nine that the name, ‘Magnit X’ was “conceived” by “Akshat and Sambhav for their joint initiative”. I fail to recall any such conversation taking place. To my knowledge, I, Sambhav Ratnakar and your son, Akshat Jain, had no such “joint initiative” planned. Neither did Akshat Jain know what exactly Magnit X was. Although he did try to find out I, I deflected the question rather politely. Refer Appendix 3.  Magnit X is a brand that emerged in the early months of 2015 (in March) at a time when I did not even know of Akshat’s existence. Refer Appendix 3 for reinforcement. On 12-05-2015, approximately four months before emerged in September,  business cards for this brand (Magnit X) were ordered. I have arranged and attached the receipt from vista print which clearly incorporates the name of the brand, Magnit X and the person with whom the brand belongs, Sambhav Ratnakar. It is important to take into consideration that Akshat Jain had no knowledge about the brand’s product, a shoelace tying device which is currently in product development mode and will be patented under my name in the coming weeks. This evidence directly points towards the fact that your son, Akshat Jain, has been falsely making claims on the Magnit X brand name. My co-founder at Magnit X and I are deeply disgusted by these assertions. At the same time, we would like to thank you for delaying Akshat’s demand for acquiring The domain being registered would have cost my investor money and my co-founder and me a lot of time. I have marked a CC to my co-founder and BCC to my investor to keep them in the loop. In case you require more proof, I have also included images of Magnit X’s cash flow records which have evidently been “last edited” in May 2015 or before.  My only mistake, Mr Jain, was that I did not buy the domain in time. For this, I will apologise to my co-founder and investor. I hope that I have effectually dismissed your misconceptions.

I leave it to you to decipher who is the “backstabber” here.

I’ve been noticing certain claims made by you and your son, Akshat Jain, about the ownership of May I remind you that in the month of February (2016), your son, Akshat Jain, quit Refer Appendix 4. According to the MOU which evidently states, “If one party wants to quit…” then they must transfer “their shares either partially or in full to the remaining party / parties…”. Thereafter, as your son, Akshat Jain, quit and abandoned all association with, his shares were thereafter automatically transferred to the remaining party, I, Sambhav Ratnakar.  Furthermore, on the same day, he closed down the website without my consent, an equal shareholder or Ayush Roy (co-founder,, a stakeholder. Refer Appendix 4. This was a clear violation of the MOU which evidently states, “If one or more party decides to close down the company (, but any of the other party or parties would like to continue, then the party / parties who want to close down the website will have to transfer their shares to the other parties or party (who want to continue the website / company…”. Akshat Jain’s deed – according to reliable sources – was carefully formulated, constructed and thoughtfully processed and planned before execution, implying that Akshat Jain had negative and ill intentions to sabotage in order to establish his own online magazine. Akshat Jain’s reckless and impetuous endeavor of deleting the website, deleting the articles and terminating all access (except his own), violating the MOU, infringing company protocol and exploiting his faculty for independent and individual convenience, momentarily led to the loss of his shares and his seat at the board in the best interest of under the circumstances of deliberate iniquity, effectuated by your son, Akshat Jain. Shares were thereafter distributed freshly.

Over the last week, writers have received messages where they are being offered Rs 100 – by your son – to sell their articles. Refer Appendix 5. Certain screenshots have been mailed to my account which directly manifest that this was a scam, formulated by your son, Akshat Jain to fraudulently try to obtain articles for his online magazine, through promising a certain amount of money (Rs 100) which he did not plan to consign. Please refer Appendix 5. Evidence provided clearly displays that Akshat Jain – with malice aforethought – planned to deceive, delude and defraud writers. This concerns me as it directly affects the welfare and wellbeing of my writers/stakeholders/shareholders, taking into account that they were the prime subjects of the scam, devised by your son, Akshat Jain. It would be deeply concerning if you, as Akshat’s legal guardian, had prior knowledge about this particular subject of matter.

Wogu is a brand that originated in the late months of 2015 as part of my proposition to launch a social network. During the start of 2016, I amalgamated Wogu with During the last few days, Akshat Jain, your son, has been attempting to purloin this brand name through Refer Appendix 6. The corroboration exhibits a calculated and conscious decision to loot, purposefully to annoy and “irritate” his ex-co-founder, myself, Sambhav Ratnakar.

In conclusion, there is a pattern to your son’s actions and activities; stealing articles, attempting to commit fraud, purloining brand names, disrespecting copyright laws. In your email, you stated that “you were not sure in what capacity” we were “putting all these allegations and making claims against him”. The “capacity”, I hope, has been articulated.

My advice to you and your son, Akshat Jain is to disassociate yourself with, MagnitX, Wogu and _____ and myself, Sambhav Ratnakar. Dragging this issue further may lead to a lawsuit emerging. Please note that I do not wish to hear from you, Umang Jain. Nor do I wish to hear from your son, Akshat Jain. Therefore, your email id / ids have been blocked from my account. If you would like to continue this discussion and proceed to humiliate yourself, please feel free to contact my legal advisor at


Sambhav Ratnakar

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Sambhav Ratnakar <>

Mar 12 (11 days ago)
to Akshat, Tushitaa, Ayush, Yash, aamirmessi9, Tarush, legaltech.asso., Steve, manak, Umang,

My apologies, Akshat. I forgot to mark you a copy. Consequently, resending the communication.


Akshat Jain has continued to commit copyright fraud. Frankly, I don’t blame him. His lack of originality and creative skills have forced him to do so (recently stole a competitor’s logo (Spiel Times) for his own online magazine. He’s also stated in an email to his ex-founder that he will “ruin my career” through “allegations”. There’s a lot more to follow. 


At this point, it is difficult to articulate what will or will not happen to  Akshat Jain and/or Umang Jain, however, may have a lawsuit approaching their way.