As a hacker group, what are your primary and secondary goals?

First and prime goal of our Team “Hell Shield Hackers” is to fight for Freedom of Speech, Human Rights & Internet Privacy . We think that Safeguarding freedom of speech is the most important thing along with Internet privacy, Govt snooping on Citizens is not acceptable. That’s why we fight for Net Neutrality, Data differential pricing & Internet freedom.

Second Goal, is to Safeguard National Cyber Infrastructure, we as a Black hat tries to Recover Indian educational Site, Or Wage an #OP against any country and Hacks their Top Portals and Keep a message on it, just to notify citizen & enemies that we aren’t sleeping and India also have the strength to take over any Cyber space and we have Knocked offline Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan & UK many times . If they provoke us, they face the wrath

How many foreign government websites have you defaced/hacked?

In or around 200+  gov . In the year 2014-2015 our Records on Zone-DB was Around 3,600 Total Sites which was Highest Notified by Any Indian Hacking team.



And do you usually only deface government websites? Is data extraction common?

We Target National Portals of Government including Top Rated Alexa domains of a Nation. We extract Data when it’s needed and where Juicy information lies, we target Terrorist Groups on that we take Backup of Data , but we don’t tamper with any server information in most of the cases

What happens to the data after it’s been extracted?

The Extracted Data remains with us, and we share some of The Important data to National Cyber Task force or keep Data safe with us for Further reconnaissance, It’s confidential on Larger part and we share no other information on Public domain !



In the late months of 2015, you hacked Aamir Khan’s website ( ). Why?

In our All Public Ops we mention the reasons of All our Hacks or Attacks, in this it was about The “Intolerance” Statement which he gave the Day before, about India is not Safe. As a National icon and the Then ambassador of Incredible India speaking something Against of Nation is not the right choice, It created a Negative impression of Nation and a kind of communal tension.

On that Note, and similar kind of issue we have also Hacked JNU, Upon their Anti National movement in Campus

It was a Dos attack, But we have Leaked all the Data after which they Shut down their Login portal. We have screenshots.

Has a hacker group ever attacked you directly?

Not yet, we have Some Good relations with other Hackers team also, Teams Like Anonymous India (@opindia_revenge) , New World Hackers (@newworldhacking) , GhostSec and Many more are our Allies. We don’t attack anyone personally, we Attack Systems & Govts !

Hacking is against the law. How do you make sure you aren’t traced?

Hacking is against Law if An Attacker Hacks an India or Gains access to Machine which is in India according to Indian Law. There are no Rules for Attacking Other Nation Sites except US globally. Keeping that apart, we use pretty strong protection to Make sure we aren’t traced, we don’t use public Exit Nodes while Hacking, we pivot to our Owns Dedicated Servers. I cannot describe this in Detail but the basics is as the above


But the Jaipur BSNL website was Indian. 

Yes, in most cases. But we had a Valid issue on hands too at that time. Most of Our Indian Sites hacks has some critical & Valid point which we brainstorm before Hacking. In that issue, Internet Privacy was an Issue. TRAI Released everybody’s mail which could benefit spammers + Net Neutrality. So we need to Broadcast our msg to people and the Govt. we don’t tamper with Indian Site data as it’s not in our Ethics

How many members does Hell Shield Hackers consist of and what’s the age range?

Fifteen members. Cannot reveal the age range.

Do you generate any revenue?

We are not funded by Indian Govt nor Does Indian Govt has Still stood up with Concept of National Cyber Army, we are quite unhappy with that point. Now, cyber security is a issue, India faces Attacks from Many countries on day to day basis and i could say that Govt doesn’t have effective measures to tackle, most of developers even doesn’t know how to patch and they leave unpatched websites live. We need a Chance from Govt to Work officially for a Nation and a Recognition which we haven’t got yet. Speaking more, we are Non -Profit Organisation, Bunch of Patriotic people who cannot see someone tampering with their nation’s value ! We earn 0 from this .

A list of foreign government websites hacked by Hell Shield Hackers can be found here.